Our Mission 

To raise awareness and inspire action for childhood cancer initiatives for every child, everywhere

G9 is a childhood cancer non-profit dedicated to increasing funding for childhood cancer research and initiatives by growing awareness that inspires action to help every child, everywhere. G9 funds Early Phase Trials, accelerating the newest, most promising treatments. Utilizing a noble model of turning the world gold to raise awareness and meet the mission, G9 directly benefits the entire childhood cancer community with gold alliance, resulting in increased funding and support for all childhood cancer initiatives. Childhood cancer is an urgent health crisis, and through global research, strategic partners, and an altruistic and innovative approach, G9 is the catalyst for change. G9 stands for Gold in September. Gold is the national color for pediatric cancer and September is the recognized National Childhood Cancer Awareness month; together they make G9.

The Brand

G9 is the first of its kind.  G9 is a national effort to raise awareness and financial support for childhood cancer research and the development of new treatments.  The primary purpose of the G9 brand and fundraising model is to elevate, with the help of our G9 Partners, the understanding of the great need for increased resources for childhood cancer research at all levels (local, regional, and national).

The G9 Project is committed to the long-term financial success of its partners and openly encourages donors to continue their current philanthropic support.   This altruistic model of branding and philanthropy is unique in serving the needs of childhood cancer efforts by focusing on all children, fighting all cancers, in all regions across the country under a golden umbrella of optimism for the future.

G9 Grow Gold Mission Video of HOPE–2018




G9 Grow Gold Mission Video–2016

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