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The theme of the GROW GOLD WITH US awareness campaign was to show the world that the young kids battling cancer just want the chance to be kids, to do normal things that are often taken for granted -- go to the zoo, cheer on their favorite team, go on vacation with their family . . . the list goes on. When you are at your child’s favorite venue or your own, remember the gold couch and the families who carry a cancer diagnosis with them wherever they go.

GROW GOLD WITH US so children can grow old with us.

Luka – September 28, 2017


Grow Gold with Us Randall Cobb

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Keegan – September 24, 2017


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Cate –September 22, 2017




Eli – September 17, 2017



Elysia – September  15, 2017






Ryan – September 10, 2017



Ryan fights Childhood Cancer


Mykenna – September 8, 2017


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Sarah & Annie – The Story of G9 – September 3, 2017


Annie & Sarah Bartosz




Annie & Jack – September 1, 2017