G9 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What does G9 stand for?

The G comes from the color gold and the 9 comes from the 9th month (September), the national color and month of childhood cancer.

Q. What is the history of G9?

G9 was founded by Annie Bartosz. She lost her twin brother, Jack to cancer when they were 10. After traveling the country looking for cures, Annie knew more can and should be done to fight pediatric cancer.

Q. What is the #growGOLD movement?

Gold is the nationally recognized color for childhood cancer. G9 envisions turning the world gold to unite foundations, organizations, hospitals and people to raise awareness that inspires action to change the future of childhood cancer.

Q. How do I start my own fundraiser for G9?

G9 has partnered with an online fundraising platform, Classy, that helps you easily create your own fundraiser. The website will walk you through the process. If you have questions, we’re here to help. Email us!

Q. What is G9 Penny Wars?

G9 Penny Wars is a week-long community based program that creates friendly competition between grade levels, classrooms, clubs and/or school sports teams, to inspire youth leadership, promote social entrepreneurship, teach philanthropy, and raise funds for a good cause that directly impacts their population, pediatric cancer. Want to learn more? Visit: www.goldinseptember.com/g9-penny-wars or email laura@goldinseptember.org

Q. Where is G9 located?

G9 is headquartered in Delafield, Wisconsin, but helps children throughout the world.

Q. How is my donation supporting pediatric cancer?

G9 directly funds Early Phase Trials, bringing the newest, most promising treatments to kids faster, available at the 27 G9 Centers of Excellence. The G9 27 Centers of Excellence, made up of certified leading hospitals that qualify through objective standards and metrics, are the only centers in North America that can direct Early Phase Trials.

Q. Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! G9 is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions are tax deductible. G9 is further classified as a public charity.

Q. Can my company match donations I give?

Yes! Talk to your HR department and have them add Gold In September, Charitable Trust to their list of non-profit organizations employees can support.

Q. Where can I get the G9 logo?

You can find our Brand and Logo Guidelines here. Please contact carol@goldinseptember.org to receive the correct logo and to ensure you are using the G9 logo within our standards.

Q. Do you support current families going through childhood cancer treatments?

A: Our support of childhood cancer is meant to benefit every child, everywhere. Our non-profit status does not allow us to make contributions to individuals or families. There are other organizations for whom this is possible and below is a link to a list of organizations that could help the family financially: http://negu.org/2013/04/financial-support-charities-childhood-cancer/ or https://www.anddit.com/hope-portal

Q. Why is Gold In September (G9) not listed on Charity Navigator?

A charity must have seven complete years of tax returns before they are eligible to apply for inclusion on Charity Navigator. Founded in 2012, Gold In September (G9) will be eligible to apply in 2019.

Q. How can I get involved?

We are always looking for people who want to help us with our vision to grow GOLD to support the fight against childhood cancer. Visit this page to get an idea of some of the ways you can help. Have your own idea? Let us know.