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Childhood cancer research receives less than 4% of its funding from the federal government? Kids deserve more than that. Help make a difference...


Gold In September was founded by Annie Bartosz who lost her twin brother to cancer in 2012 and her father in 2016 to the long-term effects of cancer treatments he received when he was in his early twenties.  She saw the nation turn pink in October for breast cancer and became determined to unite the country with the color gold in September to raise money for childhood cancer research and the development of new, less-toxic therapies.  Annie knows it will take everyone to join in the fight to bring new and innovative treatments to those who need it most.

"We can't win the battle against childhood cancer with only the wounded, that's like trying to win the war with only the wounded."–Annie Bartosz

We can all be part of the win!



Did you Know?

40,000 kids are actively battling cancer right now?

Owen Levandowski

“Normal” means different things in different families.  For Owen’s mom, the normal childhood she envisioned for her son was crushed with his cancer diagnosis.  Daily life now consists of managing treatments, medicines and side effects and it is a constant struggle for her to watch her spirited boy deal with nausea, difficulty eating, and losing his hair.  Through good days and bad days, the entire family rallies to keep faith that a cure for Owen and others will be found.  Giving up is never an option.  Donate to be a part of the solution. 


Did you Know?

Cancer is the leading cause of natural death between the ages of 1 and 19?

David Margolis, M.D.​

Program director, Bone Marrow Transplant, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Professor, the Medical College of Wisconsin

Dr. Margolis is trying to change the statistics.  His goal is 100 percent quality of life survival for every child diagnosed with cancer.  He and his team at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin enroll 90 percent of their patients in more than 140 open clinical trials, which means he collaborates with experts worldwide to bring kids the most innovative treatments here in Wisconsin or direct them to potentially life-saving therapies elsewhere — pushing the borders and boundaries of possibility for every child, everywhere.  We are all part of a greater community of hope. Ground breaking research, he says, is the key to finding treatments and cures that will alleviate suffering and give kids a chance - not just for survival, but for long, healthy lives. Donate to be a part of the solution. 





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