The Problem

  • Every day, approximately 36 children are diagnosed with cancer, and pediatric cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States.
  • Despite the need for progress, childhood cancer awareness and financial support have not reached the same national level as other cancer awareness campaigns, such as breast cancer.
  • No one umbrella of awareness exists to unite efforts and highlight the need for childhood cancer research and resources.


The Solution

  • Gold In September (G9) will be the catalyst for change.
  • With gold as the national color for childhood cancer awareness and September (the 9th month) as the recognized National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, G9 combines impact with simplicity.
  • G9 Vision: To color the world gold so every child, everywhere will survive cancer.
  • G9 Mission: To raise awareness and inspire action for childhood cancer initiatives.
  • Ultimately, the goal of G9 is to elevate the awareness of gold as a symbol of hope to the same level as pink and other similar initiatives.
  • The national campaign will raise much-needed awareness and essential funds, which will lead to the development of new childhood cancer therapies across the country.
  • This altruistic model of branding and philanthropy is unique in serving the needs of childhood cancer research by focusing on all children, fighting all cancers, in all states across the country underneath a golden umbrella of optimism for the future.


How G9 Helps

  • G9 will support every child with cancer, everywhere by distributing its funds in two ways:
    • Every Child:  To help every child diagnosed with cancer now and in the future, funds will be distributed to the Children’s Oncology Group’s Project: EveryChild in order to test and tissue bank cancer cells from every child with cancer cared for in a Children's Oncology Group program (more than 220 international programs).  Having an international biorepository  is crucial for childhood cancer researchers everywhere so they can create and test new therapies. 
    • Everywhere.  Funds from the G9 Project will also be distributed to the 27 G9 Centers of Excellence.  The G9 Centers of Excellence are among the premier pediatric oncology programs in North America, which includes the 21 hospitals that encompass the Children’s Oncology Group Phase 1 & Pilot Consortium.  The G9 Centers of Excellence will use the funds for pediatric cancer research and clinical trials.


How G9 Started

  • The concept for Gold In September was created by Annie Bartosz, an 11 year old girl from Hartland, Wisconsin who saw the nation turn pink in October and became determined to turn the world gold for kids battling cancer.
  • Annie was personally touched by cancer when her twin brother, Jack, battled the devastating disease for seven years. Traveling around the country for various treatments with Jack and her family, Annie was eyewitness to the critical need for advancement.
  • Though Jack passed away in August 2012, his spirit propels her.


How You Can Help

  • We are a TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More
  • To help raise awareness of childhood cancer and raise funds for research:
    • Learn more about G9 at
    • Wear gold and G9 apparel (G9 Store)
    • Follow G9 on social media
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    • View and share G9’s inspirational videos
    • Donate
    • Host a fundraiser (view ideas)
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    • Become a corporate sponsor
  • Participate in 2017-2018 G9 Penny Wars
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