Coins for a Cure

Who knew pennies could be so powerful?

Blake Martinez of the Green Bay Packers wants you to be a hero! Even the smallest amount of coins can add up to big change for childhood cancer. Why not put those coins to work for a cure?  Students, teachers, community leaders, and passionate employees can be a force for good while fundraising for childhood cancer research. 

Watch Blake's message and help grow GOLD for kids battling cancer!

Get Started

Select a date and location for your coin collection drive. Start a new event so we can help get your online event page started. One of our event coaches will be in touch to answer all your questions! If you’re a student leader, make sure to have an adult co-register with you. You will receive a G9 Event Kit with lots of tools and tips to get started.

Promote, Share & Fundraise

Get the word out to families, friends, coworkers and clients and ask them to support your event. Share your page and ask others to share it, too. Let people know you are fundraising for childhood cancer research and ask them to join you!

Host your event

You’ve shared your passion for the cause and inspired others to act. Congratulations! Be excited that with every coin collected, you are helping ensure a future of survival and hope for children battling cancer. Way to go!

That went well! What’s next?   

After the event, send in your donations. Simply write a check or money order equal to total cash donations (please don’t send cash in the mail). Fill out the donation form included in your event kit and mail it to:

Gold In September Charitable Trust
528D Wells Street
Delafield, WI  53018

Your donation helps to fund research for new childhood cancer treatments at leading pediatric oncology centers around the country. Check out a list of hospitals and projects that Gold In September supports.


“It’s wonderful to see when kids put their efforts together, what they can accomplish. Their great effort comes from putting the students at the center and helping them understand why they do the service they do. Supporting G9 and childhood cancer research is a cause that everyone can get behind.”

––Dr. Don Galster, Head of School

 “We support G9 to honor all those affected by childhood cancer, including some of our classmates. By spreading the word and raising funds for research, we hope to encourage our local community to do the same so every child can win the fight against cancer. Even the smallest actions have a big impact.”

––Emily & Della, Co-Presidents, National Honor Society

“Gold in September is a cause that many students can relate to in different ways. Sadly, many of our families have personal experiences with cancer and are looking for a way to support cancer research. Our students are learning that through their school community, they can make a difference.”

––Susan Mikulecky, Retired Elementary Educator